Available Snowchange Publications can be divided into two categories. Our books and our Discussion Papers.

Evenk woman on the way to the sacred mountain, Southern Sakha-Yakutia, Russia in Spring 2006. Photo: Snowchange, 2015

Evenk woman on the way to the sacred mountain, Southern Sakha-Yakutia, Russia in Spring 2006. Photo: Snowchange, 2015

Discussion Papers

1. MUSTONEN Tero. Does Siida Life Continue? – Brief Overview of the Land Use and Occupancy and Human Histories of the Indigenous Inari (Aanaar) Sámi Reindeer Herding Community ”Nellimin tokkakunta”. Snowchange Cooperative Discussion Papers #1 2011. Available here.

2. MUSTONEN Tero and MADINE, Chris. 2014 Update on the Solar Panel Project in Kolyma, Siberia. Available here.

3. MUSTONEN, Tero and FEODOROFF, Pauliina. 2013 Work Report from Ponoi and Näätämö Rivers. Available here.

4. MUSTONEN, Tero. Photo Essay on the Snowchange Visit to the International Oblas Dug-Out Canoe Competition, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region – Jugra, Western Siberia, Russia, 3rd – 7th July, 2014. Available here. 

5. MACDONALD, John. So Near….So Far. Memory and Oral History in a Canadian Inuit Community. Available here.

6. MUSTONEN, Tero and local coordinators. ‘Flow of Life’ – Photo Essay of the Community Workshops December 2014-January 2015 devoted to the River Ponoi Traditional Knowledge Work. Available here.

7. MUSTONEN, Tero and Fishermen of Kesälahti Fish Base. Weather Change Observations of the Puruvesi Winter Seiners 1996-2015. Available here.

8. MUSTONEN, Tero. Traditional Lamprey Fishermen of Carnicava, Latvia: August 2015. Available here.

9. MUSTONEN, Tero and FEODOROFF, Pauliina. 2014-2015 Work Report from Ponoi and Näätämö Rivers. Available here.

10. MUSTONEN, Tero. Photo Essay of a Visit to East Trinity Reserve, QLD, Australia. Available here.

11. MUSTONEN, Tero. Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions, 2016. Available here.

12. MUSTONEN, Tero and FEODOROFF, Pauliina. 2015-2016 Work Report from Näätämö River. Available here.

13. MUSTONEN, Tero. Inuit and Chukchi Star lore: Reflections on Ursa Major, the North Star and Northern Lights. Available here.

14. MURTOMÄKI, Eero. Merenkurkku. (In Finnish). Available here.

15. MUSTONEN, Tero. Totuuskomissioista pohjoisessa (in Finnish). Available here.

16. KRAUSS, Michael. Opening Prayer of Snowchange 2005 by Chief Mary Smith Jones. Available here.

17. MUSTONEN, Tero. Geography from the Margins. Available here.

18. FAYT, Philippe. Report from the 2018 Arctic Biodiversity Congress. Available here.

19. MUSTONEN, Tero. Endemic Time-Spaces of the Future (in Finnish). Available here.

20. CISSIKO, Safia. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Indigenous Rights: Selected Case Studies from the African Continent. Available here.

21. ROBBEK, Vasilii. Ecological Traditions of the Even Peoples – World Expo 2005. Available here.

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1. Vaara Karelia Cultural Heritage Posters from 2013 (in Finnish)

2. Ponoi Watershed Community Posters 2011-2014

3. Snowchange Sámi Climate Work 2001-2008 Posters (English)

4. Snowchange Skolt Sámi Work 2011-2015 on the Neiden Watershed

Solar Panel Reports 2009-2014




Books 2000-2018

The Snowchange Cooperative, at first in partnership with Tampere Polytechnic, Finland and post-2004 on its own has released the following publications:


Biocultural Assessment of Lake Baikal

Science and Traditional Knowledge of a Natural Forest Fire

Northeastern Siberian Tundra Fires and Responses


Näätämö, Ponoi, Voronye and Vuonniyavr Final Report 2021


‘Golos Ponoi’ in Russian

Mustonen, Kaisu, Mustonen, Tero, Kirillov, Jevgenii: Traditional Knowledge of the Northern Waters

Madine, Chris, Mustonen, Kaisu, Mustonen, Tero: Wave Knowledge, Traditional Wisdom

Mustonen, Tero: Deepening Voices from Greenland


Mustonen, Tero, Mustonen, Kaisu: Life in the Cyclic World: A Traditional Knowledge Compendium from Eurasia


European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism & Snowchange 2015 Report on the Finnish reindeer pastures and EU CAP


  1. MUSTONEN, Tero and FEODOROFF, Pauliina. Ponoi and Neiden River Collaborative Management Plan. Snowchange 2013. Available here.
  2. SYRJÄMÄKI, Eija and MUSTONEN, Tero. It is the Sámi who own this landSacred Landscapes and Oral Histories of the Jokkmokk Sámi:  This book consists of authentic voices from the Sámi communities in Jokkmokk, Sweden. Spanning a decade 2003-2013 it combines the analysis of thirty scientific articles and Sámi knowledge. Twenty-two interviews were recorded with reindeer herders, youth and Elders.Topics covered in the book include;

                – Impacts of hydroelectricity to the Sámi in Northern Sweden

                – Role of industrial forestry in the pastures and reindeer herding in the region

                 – Climate change observations and knowledge regarding weather

                  – Impact of mining and other industrial resource extraction on the Sámi

                  – Sámi rights to lands and waters

                  – Bear hunt and reflections on the traditional Sámi religion

                  – Border between Norway and Sweden

                   – Sámi Sky and Starlore

                   Chapter “What Has Happened” shares Sámi oral histories of the past. “Present                      Now” describes contemporary views on events of 2003-2012. “Thoughts for the Future”  shares insights for the things to come. The book concludes with a cumulative impacts assessment – analyzing what the different drivers of change, such as climate change and  forestry, mean to the Jokkmokk Sámi. This is a timely book on the debates in Sápmi, Sámi land. It concludes the series of Snowchange Sámi Oral History publications began in 2004. Foreword is written by the President of the Swedish Sámi Parliament, Stefan Mikaelsson. Book features scholarly maps and photographs by Jan Håkan Dahlström, Carl-Johan Utsi, Heikki Willamo and Eero Murtomäki.

               3. MUSTONEN, Tero and MUSTONEN, Kaisu. Jukajoki and Jukajärv  

               Restoration Plan. In Finnish. Available here.


  1. MUSTONEN, Tero. Metsäveri (Forest Blood) – Oral histories and life experiences of a traditional Sámi hunter Aslak Ola Aikio from Utsjoki, Finland. In Finnish.
  2. MUSTONEN, Tero. “Ei se oo merivartija eikä mikään, jos ei oo kahta varotusta… Nii, ja kerran eronnu” – Jorma Sonnisen kokemuksia, seikkailuja ja tietoja meriltä, maista ja maailman metropoleista. Oral histories and life experiences of a story-teller, sailor, border soldier Jorma Sonninen from North Karelia, Finland. In Finnish.


  1. MUSTONEN Tero, MUSTONEN Kaisu. Eastern Sámi Atlas.A ground-breaking 334-page publication “Eastern Sámi Altas” that tells the story of this little-known indigenous group. The atlas is in English with over 60 maps many of which have never been published in an international scholarly publication before. This unique publication tells the stories of the Eastern Sámi Peoples. Eastern Sámi Atlas provides a clear view of the histories, land use and occupancy on the lives of the Indigenous societies and peoples in the Eastern part of Sápmi. Book provides a unique basis for discussions and processes related to Indigenous uses of the land. Included are artworks, unique color and black and white photos, poems, songs and other cultural reflections of this region. This book documents changes from prehistory to events of the Soviet rule leading up to the contemporary post-Soviet context. Materials are drawn from early historical an ethnographic documents, explorer accounts, oral histories of the Sámi themselves and contemporary views. Materials here have been collected and produced since 1999. Over 60 maps portray the region in a clear manner. The Eastern Sámi communities who took part in the work during 1999-2010 have been able to influence the process at all stages of the project. Using these mechanisms the Sámi have been coresearcher owning their knowledges.Observations of environmental and weather changes are included. Internationally renowed experts have contributed essays to the atlas: Paul Fryer from the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies at the University of Eastern Finland – Joensuu, Finland reflects upon one of the migrant communities of Russian North – the Kola Komi, or Iz’vatas (‘People of the Iz’va River’) people. A renowned expert of the Eastern Sámi Leif Rantala tells the story of the Äʹǩǩel (Akkala) Sámi. In “Premonitions of Change: Luujäuʹrr (Lovozero) Home Talk Twenty Years After” researcher Yulian Konstantinov from the University of Tromssø, Norway writes what can be considered a letter from contemporary Luujäuʹrr (Lovozero). The Kola Sámi demographic information drawn from Russian sources over the past decades is explored by Professor Sergey Zavalko from the Murmansk State Technical University, Russia. Take contact as needed for orders, press copies and so forth. Second edition was released in 2013. It is available to be purchased by request.


  1. MUSTONEN Tero, MUSTONEN Kaisu. At the Gates of the Sun.This book documents the life of Nizni-Kolyma and Neriungri uluses – two regions of Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russian Federation as seen by the visiting Finnish members of the Snowchange Cooperative. The photos in this book have been taken between 2004 and 2009 as a part of the joint project ”Traditional Knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of the North of Sakha-Yakutia in the Context of Arctic Climate Change”. Partners in the project included the Evenki of Iengra, Institute of the Indigenous Peoples of North, Far East and Siberia, Northern Forum Academy as well as the obshchinas Nutendli and Turvaurgin in the Lower Kolyma.These pages portray a unique way of life in the Arctic – the two regions still maintain the nomadic reindeer herding. Rapidly proceeding arctic climate change, resource development and cultural change are issues which affect these peoples. Yet they maintain their core systems of knowledge and culture. They herd their reindeer in a free ranging seasonal cycles. This book documents traditional Eurasian reindeer herding using visual means to offer a view to a life on the land.This book is both in English and Russian. 140 pp. Hardcover and soft cover versions are available. Please contact us for more information on ordering.
  2. MUSTONEN Kaisu, MUSTONEN Tero. Drowning Reindeer, Drowning Homes – Indigenous Sámi and Hydroelectricity Development in Sompio, Finland.In English. A 116 page book focusing on hydroelectricity and the Saami in Finland. Out 13th December 2010. Cover, Part 1 and Part 2.


  1. MUSTONEN Tero. ”Peoples of the Bear” – Traditional Knowledge in Kolyma, Evenki Homelands and Karelia – a massive community story- and traditional knowledge collage of four years of community work in three locations: Kolyma and Neriungri in Sakha Republic, Russia as well as Karelia, Finland.In Finnish published through the University of Joensuu Press. Available here.
  2. MUSTONEN, Tero and MUSTONEN, Kaisu. ”It Has Been In Our Blood For Years And Years That We Are Salmon Fishermen” – A Snowchange Oral History Book of Unalakleet, Alaska, USA. Available as a PDF (Cover, Book).


  1. MURTOMÄKI Eero. Ken seisoo joutsenen hartioilla.A Novel about Finnish forest knowledge.


  1. MURTOMÄKI Eero, MUSTONEN Tero. Kultamoinen, kantamoinen.A book of Finnish poetry from the two Snowchange Cooperative members.


  1. The much-anticipated Snowchange 2005 Conference Report, “Stories of the Raven”, is out now! We hope you enjoy this report and listen to the stories of the Arctic peoples shared in Alaska. Available here.
  2. A new research report has been published; “Arctic Report Regarding Biological Diversity in the Arctic. Status and trends regarding the knowledge, innovations and practices of Indigenous and local communities.”The report was edited and written by Dr. Elina Helander-Renvall, a Saami reseacher at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. Snowchange contributed several case studies to the report from Murmansk, Russia, Yakutia, and other places. Several Snowchange members are case study authors of this report. The Conference of Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted at its sixth meeting (VI/10) the outline of the composite report on the status and trends regarding the knowledge, innovations and practices of Indigenous and local communities as it relates to the article 8(j) in the biodiversity convention.  Through its decision, VII/16E the COP requested the Biodiversity Secretariat to prepare a regional report focusing on the Arctic. The Arctic report was produced for the UNEP Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity. The consultant is Dr. Elina Helander-Renvall from the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. This project was conducted in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Environment during 2005. Studies were conducted among the Arctic Indigenous peoples in Alaska, Canada, and the Russian Federation and in the Scandinavian countries including Greenland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Snowchange contributed several case studies and features in the report.
    Available here.


  1. MUSTONEN, Tero & NIEMINEN, Mika. Ahdin nuotta-apajilla. Pirkanmaan ammattikalastajat. Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu, Tampere, 2004.About subsistence fishermen and their knowledge in Pirkanmaa region, Finland.
  2. MUSTONEN, Tero & MÄKINEN, Aija. Pitkät hylkeenpyyntimatkat ja muita kertomuksia Itämeren hylkeenpyynnistä. Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu, Tampere, 2004.
  3. MUSTONEN, Tero & HELANDER, Elina (editors). Snowscapes, Dreamscapes – A Snowchange Community Book on Community Voices of Change. Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu, Tampere, 2004. ISBN 952-5264-28-9.Massive 565 – page publication “Snowscapes, Dreamscapes” tells a grim tale of an Arctic influenced by climate change. Indigenous peoples’ observations confirm that climate change is already a reality in the Arctic Impacts of the climate change are visible in the Arctic areas, confirms a new, groundbreaking study that was a collaboration between Arctic Indigenous Experts and different research institutes.”Snowscapes, Dreamscapes” publication by the Snowchange Project of Tampere Polytechnic, Finland has been released June 2004 in Helsinki, Finland to International audiences and media. Aim of this project was to document and work with local communities and Indigenous peoples to present their findings of climate and ecological change in a way that would offer a viewpoint that empowers the local people of the changing Arctic. This book was awarded ”Best Book of 2005” Award by the SIKUNEWS Web News Service. The book is available as a PDF: Cover, 1-223, 223-423, 424-568


  1. ”Eteenpäin se on sekin sanoi mummo kun kaatui lumessa”.Finnish language educational PDF publication on snow words and weather prediction in cooperation with WWF Finland, three elementary schools and Snowchange. Available here.


  1. MUSTONEN Tero, RATTRAY Curtis (editors). Dispatches From the Cold Seas – Northern Indigenous Perspective (First Nations of British Columbia)