Festivals of Northern Fishing Traditions

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Festivals of Northern Fishing Traditions are organised by Snowchange to collect the traditional and Indigenous fishermen of Eurasia together every two years. The Festival was conceptualized by professional fisherman Olli Klemola, keeper of fishing traditions of Pälkäne, Finland. Snowchange works with a range of partners to organise these Festivals, including the Northern Forum.

The first Festival took place in Finland in September 2014.

The second Festival was organised on Lena River, Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia in September 2016.

The 2018 Festival was held in Tornio, Finland.

We co-organised this Festival with the EU – funded Interreg Kesäsiika (Summer Whitefish) project as well as major supporters the Northern Forum, NEFCO, Gaia Foundation and Nordic Council of Ministers. We are very thankful to all participating sponsors and supporters. You can see the report from the Festival here.

Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions collected over 75 Indigenous and 70 local fishermen around the world to Tornio, Finland over three days of discussions and demonstrations of cultural heritage, climate change, ecological restoration and other issues related to traditional northern fisheries. We had delegations from the Indigenous peoples and other delegates of Taiwan, Ainu of Japan, Maori of Aoteoroa – New Zealand, Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, USA, UK, Canadian First Nations, Sámi delegates from Finland, Russia and Sweden as well as Finnish and other fishermen around Europe.

The next Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions is being planned. Updates here in Autumn 2022.