Festivals of Northern Fishing Traditions

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Festivals of Northern Fishing Traditions are organised by Snowchange to collect the traditional and Indigenous fishermen of Eurasia together every two years. The Festival was conceptualized by professional fisherman Olli Klemola, keeper of fishing traditions of Pälkäne, Finland. Snowchange works with a range of partners to organise these Festivals, including the Northern Forum.

The first Festival took place in Finland in September 2014.

The second Festival was organised on Lena River, Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia in September 2016.

The 2018 Festival will be held in Tornio, Finland.

We are co-organising this Festival with the EU – funded Interreg Kesäsiika (Summer Whitefish) project as well as major supporters the Northern Forum, NEFCO, Gaia Foundation and Nordic Council of Ministers. We are very thankful to all participating sponsors and supporters.

Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions will collect over 75 Indigenous and local fishermen around the world to Tornio, Finland over three days of discussions and demonstrations of cultural heritage, climate change, ecological restoration and other issues related to traditional northern fisheries. We welcome delegations from the Indigenous peoples and other delegates of Taiwan, Ainu of Japan, Maori of Aoteoroa – New Zealand, Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, USA, UK, Canadian First Nations, Sámi delegates from Finland, Russia and Sweden as well as Finnish and other fishermen around Europe.

Arrival and Information About Finland

Finland is located in the boreal and Arctic. Tornio is just south of the Arctic Circle. International guests may wish to review the country welcome information here.

We will organise if needed, your transportations to and from airports and railways stations. Please contact staff as needed.


Delegates will be mainly housed at the Park Hotel Tornio and Sve-Fi. Please contact Snowchange for your individual accommodations arrangements if any questions.

International Delegate Tables at the Market Event – 8thSeptember 2018

Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions will be an intense large-scale gathering of international traditional and Indigenous fishing communities globally. Time will be on short supply in plenaries and presentations. Therefore we encourage international delegates to present their culture and fishing traditions during the open market day 8thSeptember 2018. A set of tables has been reserved app. 1 m x 1m. Please register with Snowchange ASAP if you wish to secure a table for Saturday.

Safety and Health

Tornio events and the Festival is expected to operate 100% safe and it has been planned and prepared for two years. We expect no risks at all. However as a disclaimer Snowchange and the organisers wish to stress that the each delegate is fully responsible for themselves and their travels. Each delegate should have travel insurance.

Pre-Programme – CHERISH Interreg Workshop and Visit to the Näätämö Co-Management Work

Before Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions two pre-Festival trips will be organized:

Workshop on Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Heritage of Fisheries (CHERISH Interreg Europe event):

This separate project event will be from 5thto 6th September in Tornio and the outer islands. Contact Snowchange for details.

Visit to the Collaborative Management area of Näätämö river catchment, Inari, Skolt Sámi home area:A number of delegates will visit from 5thto 6th September in Sevettijärvi and Inari to familiarize themselves with the Skolt Sámi efforts of co-management, first in Finland, and ecological restoration of aquatic habitats using Indigenous knowledge and science. Contact Snowchange for details.

Overview of the Programme – Changes Possible

Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions will operate in Finnish, Swedish and English. Simultanous translation will be provided. Russian translation will be organized in whisper translation for the different Siberian and other Russian delegates.

6thSeptember, 2018

International delegates arrive to Tornio, accommodations. Possibility to see an exhibit of Whitefish and Meänmaa local culture at the Regional Museum.

7th September, 2018

7 am SWE / 8 am FI time busses depart from Ylitornio and will pick delegates up from the hotels.

8.10 SWE time SVE-FI pick-up

9.20 FI time Park hotel

Lippo 2018 – Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions starts

9.30 Registration opens

10.00 Welcoming Address

  • Tero Mustonen, Snowchange Cooperative
  • Hannele Keränen, University of Applied Sciences Lapland
  • Pekka Pelttari, Chairperson of the Torniojoki river Fishing Area

10.25 Opening Words from the Delegations

  • Veikko Feodoroff, Head of the Skolt Sámi, Finland
  • Curtis Rattray, Tahltan First Nation, Canada
  • Representative of Sweden

10.45 Roundtable: ”Future of Artesanal and Traditional Fisheries in the North”

Chair: Tero Mustonen, each delegate has 7 minutes and then open discussion


  1. Risto Leinonen, Community of Kukkolankoski
  2. Tero Mustonen, Snowchange Cooperative and Puruvesi Winter Seiners
  3. Representative of Russian Indigenous Peoples – TBC
  4. Canada: Curtis Rattray, Tahltan First Nation
  5. Representative of Greenland – TBC
  6. Representative of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples and the Pacific

After the opening statements the Plenary audience can ask questions and make statements.

12.00             Lunch

13.45             International Fishing Communities Speak

Each delegation can speak for 5 minutes. Exception for translated statements, 10 minutes.

  1. Puruvesi Winter Seiners, North Karelia, Finland
  2. Koitajoki River Seiners, North Karelia, Finland
  3. Finnish Freshwater Professional Fishermen Association
  4. Representative of the Kalix Fishermen, Sweden
  5. LIFE – Low Impact Fishermen of Europe
  7. Greenlandic Delegation
  8. Lamprey Fishermen of Latvia
  9. Sámi Fishermen of Teno River, Finland
  10. Skolt Sámi Fishermen of Näätämö, Finland
  11. Ponoi River Representatives, Russia
  12. Gorny Fishermen of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia
  13. Kolyma Fishermen of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia
  14. Khanty Mansia Fishermen of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia
  15. Ainu, Japan
  16. Indigenous Taiwanese Fishermen
  17. Maori of Aoteoroa, New Zealand

15.30             Coffee Break during the presentations

16.30             Future of traditional and small-scale fisheries, 2019 events in North America and 2020 Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions: Tero Mustonen

16.45             A view from researchers

16.55             Closing of the Seminar day

17.00             End of the Conference

8thSeptember, 2018 – Festival Day Out in Kukkolankoski

9.00               SWE time SVE-FI pick-up

10.10             FI time Park hotel


  • Festival Programme on the Kukkolankoski Rapids
  • Excursion into the Torniojoki traditional fisheries – Dip nets and seining
  • Whitefish Market all day
  • Lunch provided to the delegates

15.00             Busses return to accomodations

18.00             FI time Park hotel

17.10             SWE time SVE-FI pick-up

18.30             LIPPO2018 Closure Dinner at the Swedish side of Kukkolankoski