Metsäveri – the oral histories of late Aslak Ola Aikio

The Snowchange Cooperative publishes

Metsäveri – a book of oral histories of the late Sámi hunter Aslak Ola Aikio from Utsjoki, Sápmi (Lapland).

Metsäveri documents the oral histories of late Aslak Ola Aikio (1931-2004), a Sámi hunter from Utsjoki, Finland. This book is a new and informative source of information for the life of the Sámi in Finland. The oral histories indicate knowledge and sustainable relationship with the harsh sub-Arctic conditions of the homelands of the Sámi. This knowledge is rooted in the local landscape and Indigenous lifeworlds. The book highlights these issues in a clear manner. The oral histories of Aslak Ola Aikio have contributed to the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment of the Arctic Council.

The book launch will be on 2nd May 2012 at the Giisá House, Utsjoki, Finland.

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