Grieving the loss

3rd February 2013
Snowchange Cooperative mourns the loss of a prominent keeper of tradition,
fisherman Kalevi Vierikka from the community of Sahalahti, in Häme,
Finland. He passed away on 27th January 2013 at the age of 84. For a
generation of younger fishermen and other members of Snowchange
Cooperative, Kalevis knowledge of waters and forests of Häme, the stories
of fish traps and seining from 1930s and many other intricate details of
Finnish tradition provided inspiration and awe. Kalevi has now passed on
to join Eeva, his beloved wife of over 50 years, in the great beyond.
Snowchange Co-op strives to make sure the oral histories and knowledge
Kalevi passed on to us will be treasured and kept for future generations.

Snowchange also wishes to remember the passing of Innokentii Matchitov
from the Institute of the Indigenous Peoples in Yakutsk, Sakha-Yakutia,
Russia. Kesha, as he was fondly known to friends and colleagues, worked
with us from 2004 to 2010 as a research assistant and interpreter. Much of
his work was devoted to being the personal assistant to the eminent leader
of the Institute, Professor Vasilii Robbek who passed on in 2010.
Snowchange Co-op joins friends and family of mr. Innokentii Matchitov in
celebrating his life work and accomplishments and offers condolences to
the surviving family and colleagues. Mr. Innokentii Matchitov was buried
in Yakutsk on 29th January 2013.

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