“School of Dreams” produced animations and a look to the future in Urals, Bering Straight and Boreal Finland

Snowchange Cooperative has been coordinating school work between the Unalakleet school in Bering Straight School District, Alaska, USA, the village school of Norya, Republic of Udmurtia, Russia and the school of Selkie, North Karelia, Finland now for seven years.

This semester the theme of the work, as proposed by the Udmurtians, was ‘School of Dreams‘ – jointly organised in the three locations. Selkie students thought that:

– The actual school building will be needed even thought there are wishes to study more outside, outdoors. Special wishes for the school building: ”Walls made from metal, colored pink, black or brown.

– There was a certain wish to modify the learning environment: ”Walls no longer exist”.

Teachers can sigh in relief: ”We are still needed in the future too!” According to students in the school of future the teaching will be done by: humans according to 14 answers, a robot 1 answer.

– ”After every lesson is a break, then the lunch break and half a year summer holiday with Xmas holiday lasting three weeks.”

In Udmurtia, the school children had painted, amongst other things, their school of dreams. Paintings included flying saucer -shaped school, time machines and so on.

In Alaska the youngest participants had produced stop animations, seven in total. The films are available below:


Flying books


Robot Girl

Time travel

Village in a school

Wish tray

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