Fishing for the Future: Climate and Young Fisherman in Finland

Climate changed winter has hit the fisheries across boreal Finland like never before. Winter seining has been delayed for months, if to begin at all, and ice conditions are a memory of a “normal” winter. Snowchange rises to the challenge with a Master-Apprentice programme and sharing news from the ice.

Below is a multimedia article and an interview video on the ice with Lauri Hämäläinen, the young apprentice fisherman in Snowchange learning ancient skills and specialised fish dishes, such as burbot and ruffe soups. We believe we survive and thrive by expanding traditional knowledge and fisheries to make sure we are on the pulse of the changing ice and the fish we harvest.

Fishing for the Future

Kaisu Mustonen and Antoine Scherer filmed, Hannibal Rhoades and Tero Mustonen scripted and produced. Thanks to all involved.

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