New Interview with National Geographic

Today a new interview with National Geographic, available here.

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The Skolt Sámi Film to Recognize Gramota Documents to UNESCO

The National Archives of Finland and The Sámi Archives have nominated The Skolt Sámi Archive to Unesco’s Memory of the World Register. This film is part of the application and is done by students of The Sámi Education Institute.

You can see the film here.

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International Steering Committee Established

Following the administrational changes of 2014, Snowchange establishes a formal steering committee.

These individuals have been steering the work of Snowchange for almost 15 years in their home regions, but with the formal establisment of the committee, we secure the direct participation of the several Indigenous and local leaders in our work.

Snowchange has an international steering committee consisting currently of 17 peoples around the world, of which 15 are recognized Indigenous leaders in their respective areas. Members include Inuit, Inupiaq, Kwakwakwala, Sámi, Even, Yukaghir, Sakha, Australian Aboriginal, Maori and other peoples. The steering committee together with the Snowchange HQ coordinates all international activities of Snowchange in 2014. Snowchange will remain a Finnish organisation, with a legal status of a “cooperative” in Finland.

Steering committee will make more announcements later in the year about composition and directions.

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Spring News

Spring is early in Finland but with lots of news from Snowchange HQ.

A month of community visits and public appearances turns towards its end.

In mid-March an extensive visit to the communities of Inari, Ivalo and Sevettijärvi was organised in cooperation with Dr. Gleb Raygorodetsky from the UNU and Dennis Martinez, USA, from the Indigenous Peoples Restoration Network. Hosting Sámi organisation was of course Sámi Nue’tt. Fisheries, sites of spawning restoration, oral histories and future plans were reviewed and all actions were successful.

Starting 13th Match visits were made to the city of Murmansk, with meetings with the regional authorities from the environmental and hydrological services, as well as a two day workshop in Lovozero community with the participants from along the Ponoi river watershed. All events produced concrete plans for the work 2014-2015, and you can learn more if you take contact with us.

From 21st March to 7th April extensive tour of Snowchange partner communities was made in Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia, together with Chris Madine, from the Arkleton Trust UK, as well as ELOKA Project. Visits were made to:

- Iengra and Neriungri, Evenk homelands

- Nomadic communities of Turvaurgin and Nutendli, including the tundra camps

- Participation in the “Modern Reindeer Technologies” workshop and festivities in Cherskii, Lower Kolyma

This visit was made possible by the Northern Forum and the Institute of Indigenous Peoples, Russian Academy of Sciences, the long-term partners of Snowchange as well as all local community partners.

8th April to 11th April Tero Mustonen and Vyacheslav Shadrin participated in the Arctic Observation Summit, Helsinki, Finland to present results of these trips and discuss cooperation with the ELOKA and other partners. Media appearances followed.

Turning to Spring work, fisheries will begin at ice-break up, and new announcements are to come towards end of April about summer work.

Take contact if questions.


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Winter News

In early 2014 Snowchange was involved in the watershed restoration activities in the Kuivasjärvi area, Parkano, Western Finland, with several key traditional knowledge interviews, land use documentation and visits to the fisheries made. The watershed ecological work will expand through the 2014 with the funds in place from the LEADER EU rural areas grant.

In December 2013 the vendace harvested in winter seining received the protected status of a original product from the EU. Snowchange represents the North Karelian winter seiners in this process and continues to advance the positions of the fishermen while advancing the knowledge about Puruvesi vendace.

Turning to events in near future, in early March 2014 old friends, mr. Gleb Raygorodetsky and Dennis Martinez, both involved in the multi-year IPCCA work in Näätämö watershed, Finland, will make a visit in Finland. Community visits will be organised in Inari, Sevettijärvi, and Näätämö area. Additionally a visit will be made in Lovozero Sámi community of Murmansk, Russia. Plans for the future steps of the collaborative management of salmon will be made.

22nd March – 6th April a delegation of Snowchange and Arkleton Trust staff will visit the nomadic communities of the Lower Kolyma, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia to discuss recent events in the community, review the solar panel project work 2007-2014, and make plans for the 2014-2015. Major updates in April here. This visit is made in cooperation and co-funded with the ELOKA initiative in the USA (

Snowchange will also prominently participate in the Arctic Observing Summit in mid-April in Helsinki, Finland ( with several key community and Indigenous leaders from the Snowchange Co-op network present. See you there.

That s all from news in Snowchange early in the year!

Take contact if questions.tero

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